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Meet My Friend…Andi

I have the coolest friends. Like, seriously. Musicians, mega-moms, artists, writers, moguls—you name it, I know one. Some of them are all those things! I can’t imagine my life without them. I’ve been curating and counting on them for years.

The tough part is, I lost touch with many of them the last half decade when I had my head so far down in my work. So, I thought it might be fun to bring showing up to light with the people whose opinions I trust and value most.

I figured I would just start through the list, alphabetically. Just kidding. With Andi, I actually felt inspired to start with a fellow leaner-outer. As I explore this new normal of work-life presence, I wanted to pick someone else’s brain about it.

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Your Nemesis and Mine…Screen Time

Let’s face it. We’re all going blind and our brains are turning into strobe light garbage dumps.

Content! Images! Content! Images!

I used to be able to sit down and read an entire novel without moving. I have vivid memories of giddily reading John Clellon Holmes’ Go in a single sitting and devouring Ellison’s Invisible Man in just a few hours. I lament that we didn’t read more women writers in college, but I digress.

These days, my brain is like a Polaroid on crack (see above: digression).

When I closed my eyes last night, this is the kind of stuff that flashed before my eyes:

Violent Paris! Virulent Trump! Voracious Sex! Volatile mommyblogs! Venus herself a.k.a. naked Amy Schumer!

All of this, at once, replete with images and emotions that I don’t even have the time to process before I feel my heart rate tick up and my breathing get shallow. None of it means anything and little of it makes any sense, yet this is apparently the fuel this planet needs to keep spinning on its axis.

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Without Rules, There is No Engagement {Printable}

Recently, I met with the boys’ teacher for a quick “first few-weeks” check-in and she said our youngest had trouble taking a daily nap because his big-brother-the-kindergartner doesn’t have to anymore. She said that by the third day, however, he relented. “Because,” she kept reminding him, “nap time for three-year-olds is one of the rules.”

Then, last week, we got our weekly teacher’s note about what they’ve been up to in school. The teacher detailed how the children are “getting comfortable with routines and all the new faces–a good time to begin talking about rules.”

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