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What Do Your Kids Eat for Breakfast?

This week, a friend emailed to ask what I feed my kids for breakfast. She hinted that she was getting tired of feeding her kids cereal and yogurt, mainly from a nutritional standpoint. So, like any enterprising mom, she emailed a few friends for ideas. And, of course, it got me thinking about what I actually do feed my kids and, with that, came equal parts pride and guilt. But that’s parenthood for you…equal parts pride and guilt.

In the morning, while we are feeding our boys, we are also packing two lunches, feeding two cats, and making two smoothies (we are finally able to subsist without coffee). Time is of the essence and agreeable is the name of the game. Since that 60-minute crunch to get out the door each morning is rife with its own battles, we don’t need to be proprietary about our ideas for success. That said, I thought I’d share my reply to my friend so we could get a bigger conversation going on about healthy breakfast ideas. Mainly, so I could ask you…what do you feed (or aspire to feed) your little ones for breakfast?

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September in Full Swing – Our School Year’s Resolutions

I read somewhere once that “September is the new January.” Simple. Cute. So trite. Then I saw it again right before Labor Day weekend. Funny how sometimes you get hit by something at the right place-right time.

I know I’m late to the party on this concept. Historically, I have spent so much time grasping at the last rays of summer that I never saw, or allowed myself to see, the possibility of using “back-to-school” as a time to reframe, reset, refresh, reboot. Instead of planning, I would be lamenting. Or hiding. You see, my birthday falls right in there, (it was last week, actually) and I usually get all weird and introspective and try to hide behind a chair so no one looks at me or talks about it.

But, like I’ve been saying. Not this time around. Nope. Why??? Oh, I think you know why. Because: WE. SHOW. UP.

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Gut Check: Confessions of a Summer Glutton

CONFESSION: This summer, I pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted.

These days, I’m paying for it. While I regret just about nothing about this awesome summer, that frivolity is one thing that pains me. Literally and figuratively. I know…we all get off track, we all give in to indulgences…we all get weird around cookies. But, I seriously used myself this summer. And then I let myself get away with it. I was my own bad boyfriend.

I won’t lie: gluttony is super fun. And it’s easy to talk yourself into. As summer came into focus, I was working out religiously, my health was stable and after all, it was summer. “Can’t we just let go of the rules a little bit?” I thought.

Clearly, I forgot how far I have come.

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