About Me

I live in northern Virginia with my husband and two little boys. I [unpredicably] write here on this blog, co-host a podcast and do freelance communications consulting.

After growing up in western Pennsylvania, attending college in Ohio and stopping off for a short stint in East Texas (for love), I landed here in 2001 to start a life with the college boyfriend who is now my husband. We got married in 2003 and started a family in 2010. Over the years, I’ve worked in public relations and communications at publishing companies, PR agencies and nonprofits in and around Washington, D.C. These days, I work for myself.

What you’ll get here is a whole lot of playful pontification on life, love, motherhood, relationships and personal growth through the eyes of someone who didn’t do the best job of paying attention to any of those things over the last decade…all fueled by one idea: showing up for life.

The truth is: I wake up flooded with tons of ideas and visions. Sparks flying.

And then I push snooze and roll back over. Tell myself I’ll start tomorrow. Censor the urge. Censor myself. Check out. Nosedive into Instagram for 20 minutes I don’t really have and fail to notice the (often snot-nosed and tiny) people around me are calling my name…waiting for me…missing me even though I’m standing right beside them.

Here’s the thing. I’m highly aspirational and not so good at the follow through. I start workout regimens without the right equipment, try recipes without looking to see if we have the ingredients on-hand and say yes to plans without checking my calendar. I leap into diets knowing only half the rules, I only read the first chapter of parenting books and I bail on TV shows in their second season.

As a recovering, highly distractable, rage-filled workaholic mom, I’m on a mission to unlock some of the secrets behind what it takes to find real balance and true presence. A mission to wake up. To see the world with eyes wide open. To live with a whole heart and a clear mind. To stop coasting. To start trying. To show up.

Maybe it’s better organization. Maybe it’s stronger willpower. Maybe it’s getting to know myself. Maybe it’s more writing. (It’s definitely more writing.) Or, maybe it’s just putting it all out there and holding myself accountable. Who knows? But, to accomplish anything real in this world, you have to start somewhere.